Aug 10, 2020  
2019-20 BTC Catalog 
2019-20 BTC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CRT 102 Automotive Refinishing Basics

10 CR

Learn the essentials of prepping, masking and refinishing with HVLP or compliant refinish equipment to return a surface to pre-accident appearance. Surfaces refinished consist of all materials used to build modern day vehicles including, and not limited to, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as most types of composites and plastics. A strong emphasis on refinish equipment maintenance will also be covered in this course. Students will study the proper procedures of mixing undercoats and top coats to achieve the correct perceived color match.
Prerequisite(s): ACCUPLACER Arithmetic score of 38 or MATH 090 with a C or better or ABE 050 with a C or better, and ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension score of 71 or RDG 085 with a C or better, and ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills score of 71 or ENGL 092 with a C or better, or Instructor permission.
Completion Of or Concurrent Enrollment In: CRT 101 with a C- or better and CRT 103 with a C- or better, or concurrent enrollment in CRT 101 and CRT 103, or Instructor permission.

Note: This class must be taken concurrently with CRT 101 and CRT 103.

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