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2016-2017 Bellingham Technical College Catalog 
2016-2017 Bellingham Technical College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Operations Management

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BTC’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Operations Management (BASOPS) is design to meet the needs of students who want to advance their careers into supervisory and management roles in industries such as manufacturing, IT, transportation, and retail/wholesale. During the BASOPS degree, students will learn about operations management tools and techniques, develop their business skills, and apply them to solve practical problems in their chosen industry.

The delivery model for this degree has been designed to meet the educational needs of the working adults who are expected to be the largest group of students. It is based on a combination of asynchronous and synchronous web-based instruction with face-to-face meetings at times convenient to students. Mentored “focused study” courses and individual and group capstones will be used to develop students’ independent thought and critical thinking skills to the level expected in a baccalaureate degree and as required for a successful career in an operations management role. Online options will also be provided for students whose circumstances prevent them from attending the face-to-face sessions.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the BASOPS program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a mastery of the mathematical tools required for operations management.
  2. Apply qualitative and quantitative forecasting techniques to the selection of processes and facility layouts that will optimize production and/or service delivery.
  3. Plan a comprehensive quality management program for use within an organization.
  4. Apply mathematical approaches to solve typical make/buy and outsourcing problems.
  5. Assess the value of Lean concepts, including Value Stream Mapping, Workplace Organization and Standardization, 5-S and Cellular Flow, Kan Ban and Total Production Maintenance to operations management.
  6. Demonstrate the application of project management techniques to develop realistic and comprehensive project plans; identify risk areas; monitor the plans; and deal with problems.
  7. Develop clear and coherent technical reports, proposals, memoranda, and e-mails; and deliver presentations to groups.
  8. Analyze projects, compare alternatives, and make business decisions based on economic principles such as time value of money, internal rate of return, and cost-benefit ratios.
  9. Demonstrate the ability to identify and then develop acceptable resolution of ethical dilemmas that might occur in the workplace.
  10. Analyze how leadership skills, recruitment and retention practices, motivation and team building, the management of change, and conflict resolution affect the behavior and interaction of people at work.
  11. Demonstrate a level of critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and technical and information literacy commensurate with an operations management position.

Program Entry Information

To be admitted to the BASOPS program, students must have a completed AAS degree (or equivalent) and a minimum of 15 credits of generally-transferable General Education including ENGL& 101 (or equivalent); Intermediate Algebra (or equivalent); and 5 credits of Social Science or Humanities.

The “Academic Bridge” is designed to facilitate entry of students from diverse academic backgrounds into the program by addressing some of the preparatory General Education requirements that might not have been covered during students’ associate degrees.

At the end of the Academic Bridge, before students enter the junior year of the BASOPS degree, they will have completed a total of at least 35 credits of General Education. This will therefore involve them taking up to 25 credits of coursework during the Bridge, depending on the General Education component of the student’s associate degree.

Minimum required for admission to the BASOPS program:

  • Completion of Associate of Applied Science Degree (or equivalent)
  • General Education English: 5 credits of ENGL 101   (or equivalent)
  • General Education Math: Intermediate Algebra or higher (minimum grade 2.5/C+) or equivalent ACCUPLACER scores (within the past 2 years)
  • General Education Humanities or Social Science: 5 credits

Courses to be taken during the Bridge if not already completed by the applicant:

  • General Education Math: College-level math class with Intermediate Algebra as a prerequisite – Precalculus I or Finite Math preferred 5 credits (minimum grade 2.5/C+)
  • Math: MATH 146  : Introduction to Statistics 5 credits (minimum grade 2.5/C+)
  • Humanities and Social Science: 10 credits (minimum grade 2.5/C+)
  • Natural Sciences: 5 credits (minimum grade 2.5/C+)

Minimum required at entry to the Junior Year, whether from prior experience or Bridge:

  • General Education English: ENGL 101   5 credits (minimum grade 2.5/C+)
  • General Education Math: College-level math class with Intermediate Algebra as a prerequisite 5 credits (minimum grade 2.5/C+)
  • Mathematics: MATH 146  , Introduction to Statistics, 5 credits (minimum grade 2.5/ C+)
  • Humanities and Social Science: 15 credits – at least 5 credits each of Social Science and Humanities (minimum grade 2.5/C+)
  • Natural Sciences with lab: 5 credits (minimum grade 2.5/C+)

Testing Requirements

See above.

Degree and Certificate Requirements

Operations Management BAS degree completion requires a minimum grade of C/2.0 for all program courses.


    Bachelor of Applied Science

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