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2022-23 BTC Catalog 
2022-23 BTC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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VETT 201 Mentorship Lab I

2 CR

This lab requires students, under the supervision of a mentor or the faculty, to demonstrate competency in an escalating list of skills in the lab and the clinical sites.  Each quarter builds upon that quarter’s didactic material as well as previous skill sets. Primary skill focus:  animal restraint, physical exam, diagnostic sampling, and small animal patient care.
Prerequisite(s): MATH& 107 or higher, ENGL& 101, PSYC& 100 or CMST& 210 or CMST 220 or CMST 101 or SOC& 101 or CMST& 230 or PSYC& 200, CHEM& 121 or CHEM& 161, BIOL& 160, and VETT 100, all with a C or higher.

ATI TEAS scores: Reading 47.6 or higher, Mathematics 46.7 or higher, Science 33.3 or higher, and English & Language Usage 40.0 or higher.
Corequisite(s): VETT 101, VETT 102, VETT 103, VETT 120

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