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2021-22 BTC Catalog 
2021-22 BTC Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Administration

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Train for a career as a medical records and health information technician, or a billing and posting clerk, through BTC’s Medical Administration program. Students will gain a broad base of knowledge in general office skills, along with the required background in medical insurance billing and coding procedures. Program graduates typically work for hospitals, physician offices, insurance companies, extended care facilities and home healthcare firms.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

Perform front office tasks using simulated electronic health records software including scheduling appointments, registering patients and documenting patient health information using correct medical terminology and editing skills

Identify and apply the concepts of medical insurance billing reimbursement policies, practices and industry guidelines

Perform medical coding using appropriate coding systems

Identify the governing bodies at the Federal, State and Local levels and apply their laws in a healthcare setting

Analyze and identify industry changes to the standard of care, including nutrition, lifestyle and pharmaceuticals

Analyze strategies to improve the quality of patient services and quantitative analysis in medical office operations

Analyze and explain the concepts of medical ethics and their impact on medical office operations

Evaluate healthcare business structure, management and the hiring processes.  

Program Entry Information

This is an open enrollment program; students may start in any quarter; however, some courses are only offered once per year.

Placement Requirements

Admissions application and assessment testing in Reading, Math, and Sentence Skills are required. Your score on the test and/or your previous transcripts will determine where you begin your course sequence. Contact Admissions at 360.752.8345 or at admissions@btc.edu for assistance with academic planning.

Placement Requirements:

  • ACCUPLACER Classic Reading (85) or higher OR ACCUPLACER Next Gen Reading (256) or higher OR RDG 085 with a B or higher.
  • ACCUPLACER Classic Sentence Skills (86) or higher OR ACCUPLACER Next Gen Writing (255) or higher OR ENGL 092 with a B or higher OR AENGL 100 with a C or higher.
  • ACCUPLACER Classic College Level Math (75) or higher OR ACCUPLACER Next Gen (240) or higher OR MATH 099 with a C or higher.

Degree and Certificate Requirements

A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater and minimum grade of C/2.0 for required courses.


    Associate of Applied Science
    Associate of Applied Science - Transfer

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